AppraiserVendor understands that keeping up with our industry’s ever-changing regulatory landscape is critical to surviving the mortgage business. Our entire fulfillment process is designed with controls in place to ensure we exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements, including Appraisal Independence Requirements, as well as all other federal and all state regulations. AppraiserVendor is committed to the delivery of products and services of quality and integrity, free from undue influence.

As a company owned and operated by appraisers, AppraiserVendor is an advocate of reasonable and customary fee compensation and believes it to be imperative to the sustainability of not only our company, but the appraisal industry as a whole. Reasonable and customary fee compensation ensures we retain the most competent independently contracted appraisers in the market, all of whom are capable of providing the very best in service and quality.


If you have any questions or concerns on how AppraiserVendor keeps you compliant, feel free to contact us

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