AppraiserVendor is the bridge between the lender and appraiser communities, so setting proper expectations and delivering effective communication is paramount in what we do. Our fulfillment process was designed with both our lender and appraiser partners in mind, and centers around substantive updates that prevents over-communication with our appraisers and encourages consistent updates and free-flowing information with our lenders. But not every order goes as smoothly as planned; which is why each member of our Customer Care Team is trained in conflict resolution.

For it is not the 90% of orders that follow the typical path that define us as a company, but rather the exceptions and our management of them that demonstrates what kind of partner we can be!

Order assignment and fulfillment


Our appraiser selection process incorporates the most critical attributes of proper appraiser selection: GeoCompetence, Performance, and Specialization. Local, highly competent and experienced appraisers are chosen based on performance to fulfill our customers’ specific needs. Our approved panel of appraisers are scored and ranked based on quality, competency, and turn-around time using a proprietary algorithm and rating system developed within AppraisalVault®. This process continually results in the successful assignment (and acceptance) of approximately 95% of our orders within 4hrs of receipt.


In today’s market, we understand the importance of setting the inspection quickly. AppraiserVendor requires our appraisers to make contact in an effort to schedule the inspection within 24 hours of order receipt. Further, by employing an automated communication to any access contact listed on the order containing the name and contact information of the assigned appraiser, both parties are able to connect quickly in order to decide on a mutually agreeable inspection time. From the date of the inspection, we allow the appraiser 48hrs to complete and upload the appraisal to AppraiserVendor.


Quad-Core review begins following the upload of the appraisal. Every review incorporates two automated scrubbing processes, powered by Platinum Data, along with a manual review completed by a certified/licensed review analyst allowing for an underwriter-ready appraisal over 85% of the time.


Allow us to handle your electronic delivery! After it is determined that the appraisal meets all applicable standards, the report is delivered electronically to the lender, consumer (ECOA Compliant), and all pertinent portals (UCDP/EAD) approximately 95% of our orders within 4hrs of receipt.