Founded by appraisers, AppraiserVendor realizes that our independently contracted appraiser partners are more than just a vendor; they are a critical piece of collateral risk management. As such, we view appraisers in the same light we do our clients and treat them with comparable respect.

AppraiserVendor actively seeks to establish long term partnerships with the best independently contracted appraisers in every market. Our panel of independently contracted Preferred Appraisers are rewarded based on their historical performance in response times, turn-around times, and quality of work. We place a great deal of emphasis on “partnership” throughout the process, working with those independently contracted appraisers who we have come to trust, and placing trust in them by giving them autonomy to do their job.

Have an appraiser you’d like to refer? Send them our way!

Please send all referrals directly to our website, to register. They will be asked to provide the following:

  • Active license
  • E&O Policy
  • 3 sample reports
  • W-9 with signature and date in current year
  • Background check (if one has been completed)
  • Resume (if available)

For questions, please contact our Vendor Management Team directly at

[email protected]