Lender and investor requirements are constantly changing, giving the word “risk” a whole new meaning.

AppraiserVendor employs a unique, and proprietary appraisal Quality Control Review process that blends automated-intelligence with a forensic review completed by a certified/licensed analyst. This process allows for an “underwriter-ready” report with over 88% of our deliverables!

Automated Intelligence

No one’s perfect, and even the best appraiser or review analyst needs a helping hand from time to time. AppraiserVendor has partnered with ValueLink, incorporating CrossCheck Appraisal Review technology in our appraisal review process.

CrossCheck is the revolutionary business rules engine that rapidly processes and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness, and consistency versus appraisal industry guidelines and the client’s customized appraisal review rule set. This innovative, configurable and highly sophisticated platform significantly enhances appraisal quality control assurance, empowering Mortgage Lenders, Insurers and Compliance Agencies, Servicers, AMCs, Credit Unions, Banks, Thrifts and Investors to thoroughly and quickly review appraisals with a significant reduction – as much as 60% – in review time and errors.

Our Review Team

Our review team is comprised of licensed and certified staff appraisers who are active in the field and have a full grasp on current market conditions. The combination of artificial intelligence and a review conducted by a licensed or certified industry professional, has helped AppraiserVendor become a leader in producing products of the highest integrity while effectively helping our partners reduce their collateral risk.

Enhanced CU/SSR Risk Review Process

In addition to the standard review process, AppraiserVendor offers an enhanced review process, whereas delivery to the GSE’s is completed prior to the initial review of the appraisal. This process allows for AppraiserVendor to have any applicable CU findings reviewed and addressed in conjunction with our standard review. Not only does this process help to reduce the overall risk score, but also ensures a clean report is delivered to underwriting with all AMC related findings cleared.