Collateral Expert® is a highly advanced, interactive, and automated fraud detection solution that can instantly identify what a subject property was worth at a specific point in time, as well as potential “flips” or fraudulent activities related to a specific property.

Since it’s an address driven valuation review solution, it can be used to analyze estimated market values provided within Evaluation products, as well as appraisals. With just a few clicks to designate criteria, the fully extensible and easily configurable tool scans relevant public records data for traditional indicators of fraud, while providing enhanced insight into the buyer-seller relationship.

This comprehensive solution is used for defense against buy back demands, for appraisal review, quality control and general property review, and provides wide-scale value for lenders, investors, banks, AMCs and Compliance Agencies.

Collateral Expert is processed as of the current date and includes interactive mapping capabilities and specific and critical details about:

  • Nearby closed, open and pending sales
  • Nearby listings
  • Neighborhood trends
  • County assessor data
  • Property occupancy
  • Local market trends
  • Foreclosure activity
  • Subject property market analysis
  • Transaction history, including transfer and deed types

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