Since 2007, AppraiserVendor has been a leading provider of national appraisal management and valuation management solutions, delivering products and services of quality and integrity to the residential real-estate mortgage industry. Founded by appraisers who grew tired of relentless AMC practices and ill treatment, our founders set out to establish a firm that valued the independently contracted appraiser relationship as much as the client, and to redefine appraisal management.

AppraiserVendor understands the need for an Appraisal Management Company who brings experience, innovation, and exemplary service in their processes and procedures, critical to meeting the service levels of lenders, regulators, and most importantly, consumers. Our success is a result of our experience, accountability and partnership with our vendors, and our commitment to quality through technology, staff and panel education. Recognized multiple times by Mortgage Executive Magazine as one of the top 50 Mortgage Service Providers in the country, AppraiserVendor works very hard to improve quality at the core through proper vendor management, placing a great deal of emphasis on “partnership” throughout the process, working with those independently contracted appraisers who we have come to trust, and placing trust in them by giving them autonomy to do their job.