We are only as good as our people…

Which is why we’ve staffed our team with appraisers, apprentices and industry professionals committed to supporting our clients and their consumers. Led by an executive team with more than 50 years experience in valuation management, our staff is poised and prepared to handle any obstacles that come our way.

Aaron Vaziri

President, CEO, and Chief Appraiser

Aaron was born and raised in Greenwood, IN. After joining the U.S. Army Infantry, Aaron proudly served our country for 11 years in which he completed a tour of duty in Iraq. Aaron left the U.S. Army in 1999 and immediately began his career in real estate, obtaining his appraisal certification and opening, owning, and managing the Indiana Appraisal Group. Recognizing the importance of appraisal management companies in the residential appraisal space, and utilizing his business/management acumen and experience in the appraisal industry, Aaron founded AppraiserVendor in 2009.

Since founding AppraiserVendor, Aaron has continued to serve as president, CEO, and Chief Appraiser, employing a wide-array of industry professionals providing unparalleled service to lenders, banks, brokers, and credit unions nationwide. The same commitment, dedication, and leadership Aaron has shown to his country, carries on in his approach to AppraiserVendor.

Leveraging his drive, leadership skills, and appraisal experience, Aaron has drawn upon his connection to customers who demand accurate, timely, and compliant appraisals and, as a result, takes an active stance in lobbying for appraisal management. His influence has impacted colleagues and employees, and he is dedicated to driving change and instilling integrity within the industry.